Saturday, July 10, 2010

My e-cards

Hey everybody,

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. I'm working on a major website update this year. My new site will feature a ton of cool illustrations, sketches, and animations. Pretty much everything I've done up to this point that I feel is any good. It will also have some free downloads available.

For now, I'm mostly working for Here is a link to some of the work we've done. (We) being me and an animation studio in India that I work with.

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Gods in Motion

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loving Father

The daydawn is breaking, there's life in the air
The trees are all waking, alive in the light
The songbirds are singing, their music so fair
The earth is refreshed from another short night

The mountain tops crowned in glorious white
The river is flowing, oh beautiful sound
Who am I to be worthy of such a delight?
By whose wondrous voice am I here to be found?

'Neath my feet thus exalted are other great treasures
A world of small wonders; it lives and it breathes
Surely, our Father's great love knows no measures
All needs of his creatures, His great eye perceives

Then what of His children? Does He love one and all?
Does He hear all their cries; every thought, every prayer?
Is His hand there to lift should we stumble and fall?
If we just want to talk...will He hear? Is He there?

Oh glorious vision, Oh wondrous plan
He loves every child, they are ALL of great worth
There is nothing as precious to Him as is man
For this is the reason He gave us the Earth

To inhabit, to love, to learn and progress
Hence the need for the trial, how blessed this boon
The chick will not live if not hatched in distress
The butterfly flies when it breaks its cocoon

He gave us His Son, Oh, how to proclaim?
His great love is beyond mortal words to express
He suffered, He died, and He knows YOU by name
Our freedom He bought midst great tears of distress

Dear Father of love, let us seek now our Savior,
The Christ who descended from clouds of great glory,
That in Him we may find thy great goodness and favor
The beginning, the middle, and end of our story.