Saturday, September 5, 2009

RAG - Random Art Generator

Hey everyone who follows my blog. If any of you are artists, I've got something you might find interesting/exciting. I was working with a game developer friend of mine and I had the idea for this application come to me. He did the code for this in only a couple of days. It's called the Random Art Generator. If anyone is interested in it, you can actually swap out the pieces in the generator very easily to make your own generators. The one catch is that you need to have Flash.

If you would like to give it a try you can e-mail me and ask for the files. Even if you want to use it on a for-profit venture. My only stipulations are that you're not using it to promote anything negative.

Wyatt S. Miles

Please see the few samples below. I probably only spent a couple hours building the pieces for this one and it creates totally original designs with each mouse-click.